Tenants Visit

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Tenants to visit North Ayrshire Council.

Examination of Scrutiny programme for tenants.

A group of tenants from Stirling Tenants Assembly (STA) are embarking on a fact finding study visit to North Ayrshire Council to examine the Scrutiny strategy operated by tenants in that area.

Scrutiny for tenants has been in operation for a few years now and allows tenants to examine the Housing Service of their landlord by scrutinising how their service is operated.   The visitors will be given an explanation of the Scrutiny strategy and the roles played by tenants in those areas.

There will also be an opportunity for tenants to ask questions of TP officers and to meet with tenants who sit on the scrutiny panel.

A report will be published on this website when the STA have had an opportunity to discuss this at their next meeting on 18th Apriul 2017.