1. How can I apply for a Council House?

If you would like to apply for a house then you should fill in a Housing Application Form. You can download the form and applications guide here. How long you wait for a house is based on your circumstances and the area where you would like to live.

Some of your questions might be answered by visiting the Stirling Council Website.

If you have any other questions you can contact the Allocations Team by calling 01786 404040.

Remember you can also apply to other Landlords for houses across Stirling or nearby. You can find details of some other options here.

2. What can I expect if I get offered a house?

Stirling Council have agreed what your house should be like when you move in. This is called the "lettable standard" and tells you what you should expect. When you accept a house you are agreeing to the standard when you view it. Your house will not be decorated or furnished, you will need to do this yourself.

This is what you can expect:

  • The house is wind and water tight.

  • Working heating which meets regulation, like a Gas Safety Check carried out.

  • Painted surfaces, including your doors and windows.

  • Your kitchen will have a minimum of 1 metre of worktop and at least two ground units and two wall units or built in cupboards.

  • Have working windows and doors. Doors will have safety glass installed, if glazed.

  • You will have appropriate bathing facilities to your needs.

  • Working electrical sockets and switches. 

  • If the decor is damaged you will recieve a deocration allowance, unless you have outstanding debts owed to the Housing Service when it will be paid toward your debt.

  • Any disused pipes or wiring will be removed

  • Your bathroom will be clean and and have no major cracks or damage which might cause a leak.

3. How do I report a Repair?

You can report a repair online here or by calling the team on 01786 404040.

If your need an emergency repair in the evening or at the weekend you can still contact the number above. If the problem is a risk to health and safety or could cause significant damage to the building someone should be with you within either 4 or 24 hours depending on the repair.

If your repair is not an emergency you will be offered an appointment. The council aims to fix these repairs within 7 working days.

4. How can I report Anti Social Behaviour or Fly Tipping?

You can report Anti Social Behaviour to the council by calling 01786 404040.

However, if you are concerned for your or someone elses safety please contact the police.

You can also report other issues, like fly tipping, online here.

5. I am homeless, what should I do?

If you are homeless or worried about becoming homeless you can contact the Council for help. In an emergency the Council has a duty to provide accomodation for you.

You can call them on 01786 237900 (during office hours) or 01786 404040 (24 hours a day).

There is more information on the Council Homelessness Service here.

If you need more advice the Shelter website has more information.

6. I would like to move, what can I do?

If you would like to move house, there are a few options for you.

You can contact Housing Services on 01786 404040 and speak to the Allocations Team. You can join the housing list for the area or type of house you would like to move to. Sometimes the team might be aware of someone who would like to swap too and could match you up.

Check HomeSwapper for houses that people would like to swap. This is all over the country and all different types of homes.

If you have already agreed to swap with another council tenant, it is usually called 'Mutual Exchange'. You should contact Housing Services and complete some forms. You can find out more information here.

7. I want to give up my tenancy, what should I do?

If you want to move out of your home then you must give 28 days written notice to end the tenancy. You should make sure you leave the house empty and in good condition or you might be charged be the council.

If you are giving up your home because of some problems, like managing your money for example, then you can get advice.

If you are having problems speak to a housing officer by calling 01786 404040.

8. How do I make a complaint about Housing Services?

You can find details about how to complain here.

If you want to make a complaint about a decision that has been made it might be that you have the right to an appeal. So you should appeal rather than complain. This might be if you have not been awarded the right number of points when applying for a house, you can appeal that.

If you want to appeal a decision you should still contact the council on 01786 404040.