Tenant Participation Strategy 2016-2019

Stirling Council worked with tenants to produce a Tenant Participation Strategy. It outlines how the council will make sure tenants have the opportunity to have their say.

You can download a copy of the strategy here.

The Main Points

  • We will provide information in a variety of formats.
  • We will communicate in a timely and easy to understand manner.
  • We would like our tenants to be empowered and have opportunities to build and develop skills.
  • We would like our tenants who get involved to be confident and possess the skills to participate in a range of activities and know they have access to resources and support to enable them to get involved.
  • We would like our organizational objectives and priorities to be based on tenant needs.
  • We would like our tenants to be able to review the Tenant Participation Strategy on an annual basis to ensure that tenant participation is having a positive impact on the service provided.
  • We would like to offer variety of methods of involvement to our tenants, ensuring the widest range of tenants views are taken into account.
  • We would like our tenants to be involved in the decision making process, identifying gaps in the service, performance monitoring and ensuring that we provide value for money.

Would you like to help review the strategy each year? You can get in touch with our Independant Tenant Participation Officer on 01786 237661 or email hillk@stirling.gov.uk