Scottish Government Plans

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Plans for a new National Housing Day are being supported by the Scottish Government. The idea is being organised to involve tenants, and prospective tenants, in an "information style event" which will give a range of options for housing, and to encourage prospective tenants to rent their own homes, when they cannot get on the property ladder for various reasons.

The Scottish Government are telling tenants and others that "its ok to rent", and that their " is no stigma attached to those who cannot afford to buy their own home and who resort to renting"

It is to be hoped that Landlords across Scotland will get involved, as the Scottish Government will be carrying out extensive publicity for the event which will be held on 19th September each year commencing on 19th September 2016.  It is to be hoped that tenants and other stakeholders will become involved in the project which will enable them to influence the information available on a new website being introduced, but that on the day they will be able to influence Scottish Government Housing policy by giving their ideas, aims and aspirations on what good quality housing should be as well as selecting options on housing availability in their local areas.